Canonic jars

We made canonic jars that were used to hold and preserve the mummy’s organs ready for the afterlife. The different jars were protected by different gods.

Looking after our teeth

We chewed disclosure tablets to show up any plaque on our teeth after our lunch. We then knew exactly where to brush!

Types of Teeth

We used clay to learn about the different types and functions of teeth. By making the teeth we thought about what their job was; incisors are flat and are used to cut and slice; canines are pointed and used to rip and tear food whereas molars crush and grind.


We mummified a tomato to replicate what the Egyptians would have done to a body. We observed what it looked like and took notes so we can compare it in a few weeks. We scooped out the insides then filled it with natron (bicarbonate of soda and salt).


Our topic this term is the Egyptians. We’ve been learning about where Egypt is and it’s important cities and of course how important the Nile is!

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